Week days business hours data only

Hi ,

I am using grafana 7.x version and my data source is Elasticsearch. Just want to know is there any way to visualize only week days business hours data in grafana ?

I read in below article about time range for this , but not able to get how to make this changes


Can someone help me on this ?


Beacuse your timestamp is time seriaes and grafana just visualize it, you need to enrich your data with this:

add_field => {"[hour]" => "%{+HH}"}
add_field => {"[weekday]" => "%{+EEE}"}

Then in the query just filter it out as you want.
The time-regions in Grafana just fill the graph with line to show the time, not filter the data.
Using enrich the data, it’s simpler to do that.