Webhook request

Colleagues, help.
There is a webhook request
https://example.com ?fields[TITLE]={{ .Status }}&fields[DESCRIPTION]=123&fields[RESPONSIBLE_ID]=1983
It works, but how do I insert Summary (optional) into it?
from alert rule, I can’t find it. That is, so that when the metric is triggered, the description from the alert rule is automatically substituted into the request

Colleagues, let me clarify, there is a template, test_templ, I am using a URL request-
https://test.com/rest/1983/kw4suu4ojqenp8zz/tasks.task.add?fields[TITLE]=Test&fields[DESCRIPTION]={{ template “test_templ” . | urlquery }}&fields[RESPONSIBLE_ID]=1983
The request throws an error
Failed to send test alert.: template: :3:21: executing “test_templ” at <.Annotations.SortedPairs>: can’t evaluate field Annotations in type string