Want to send browser timestamp while API Calling

Hi Grafana Community,
I want to send browser Timestamp while Calling a JSON API, I am using JSON API as datasource. Reason is that i am creating a grafana dashboard in different timezone and dashboard will be access in different region, For calculation our backend need timezone of that region, I have tried many ways for this but unable to send timezone, Kindly please share how we can send timezone with api calling using JSON API as a datasource

Hey sali2,
I also tried finding the way to send the timezone back to API that is being used to populate grafana panel, but I couldn’t find the way, I solved it another way.
If you write query to fetch time stamps and selects “Time” in garfana query Type, It automatically changes the values of the timestamp into local browser timezone. timestamp should be in this syntax “2023-05-08T07:30:34Z”.

See if this helps Add and manage variables | Grafana documentation