Visualizing memory fragmentation of embedded CPU

Hi guys,

I’m trying to visualize the memory usage (and thus the memory fragmentation over time) of a CPU among other things. I’m thinking the heatmap panel is a good fit but I’m struggeling to get it to work.

In the firmware there is a function which outputs the memory usage data of the DRAM. The function outputs the following: StartAddress, EndAddress and Size of all objects allocated in the DRAM. These parameters are saved in an InfluxDB database. The objects range in size from 20 bytes to 10k+bytes.

Problem is that I can’t visualize the memory usage for 2 reasons
1: The data is singleshot, all of the data gets logged within a millisecond so grafana only plots 1 value.
2: I cannot get the heatmap panel to work with the data I have. I can’t get the Start-End combo to work in the panel.

I tried logging every byte or chunks of bytes but that results in massive amounts of data which I can’t process.

Worst case I could write a plugin that is capable of drawing heatmaps with that specific dataset/combo/(I don’t know how to call this) but I’m trying to avoid that.

Perhaps I’m missing the obvious and thus I resorted to the community for help. I was hoping you guys could point me in the right direction :smile: