Visualize missing time data as zero for Stackdriver datasource

I am trying to find a way to display missing datas as zero for google stackdriver monitoring datasource.

Stackdriver monitoring metrics does not give some datas with APIs if it is zero.
For example, in the first figure, there is no data from 00:15 to 1:30.
This means that the uptime was 0 for that interval.

Grafana automatically connects the two dots, which is misleading because it looks like the value is a positive value, and it is not.

So I was trying to find a way to display them as zero(like the red line in the figure)
I tried “Null as zero” in Stacking & Null value but that did not change anything.

Any help?

I am using grafana 6.6.2 btw!


Yes, this. Any time you have a count aggregation, especially, if there are no data points, it should be 0.

I have the same problem.
@nick1 I think you misunderstood - the author tried “Null as zero” and it didn’t work

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@cyjung did you find the solution ? thanks