Visualize json data in zabbix

Hi @dobriymisha,

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Thanks for sharing the screenshot. I see the following 2 problems.

  1. The warning message about the “Angular Plugin” means that you might be using an older version of the plugin. Therefore please update to the latest one and you can follow this GitHub issue link for more information if required

  2. About the splitting of the JSON data. Well, you are using the correct transformation but if that does not help then it means that it is not possible solely by Grafana to do it as it is a backend case. Since the Zabbix plugin only can show the unparsed JSON data, as it does not have any filtering option. Therefore, you can try to get the data that you only need to view instead of the whole OR you can ask this question at the GitHub issue as whether it can be a feature request.

Also, I found this similar post which might help your case: