Viewer cannot see alert hearts

We have upgrade from old Grafana alert to new Grafana Alertmanager.
We are using Grafana 9.3.6
Now Viewers cannot see hearts and not see items in Alert lists.
I have Admin and can see hearts and Alert list-items.
If I change the Víewer to Admin they can see hearts and Alert list-items

Interesting, probably Viewer does not have enough permissions to use the new API.

We recently developed Grafana HTTP API Data Source, which uses API Keys or Tokens to retrieve alerts and annotations from the Grafana instance and can be an option to display annotations and Alerts for Viewers - it’s actually an interesting use case!

Do you think this can be solved so Viewers can get alerts?

Any news about this? It is still not possible to see hearts or Alert list if the user is Viewer or Editor.
Grafana 10.1.2

@flopp It should be something related to your environment. Probably migration.

Can you create new Alert rules from the panel and check as a Viewer? you should be able to see them.

Sorry for late reply. I tried to add new panel in same dashboard, but the Viewer were not able to see anything. Also tried new dashboard with Alert list as panel, but the Viewer were not able to see anything.
Both test I checked all statuses to be shown in Alert list.
I will try more and get back.

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Make sure that Viewers have some Last ... time range selected, when they want to see alert hearts. Those hearts represent current state of the alerts, so they are not displayed, when dashboard has absolute/not last time range.