Video Panel with synced hairpin to TimeSeriesPanel

Is there a Video panel for Grafana? Currently, I am tracking my car, including some data like speed and so on, including a map, where all panels are synced via hairpin. What I would like in addition is some sort of video/image panel which loads files from my dashcam but based on the hairpin location in e.g. the TimeSeries panel. The best would be if it would be a video panel, so I can play the video in that new panel, and the hairpin in my map and Timeseries panels is moving as the video is playing.

I am very deep in C# development, so I can generate any webpage, JSON API, WebSocket API, or whatsoever. Any ideas on how I could start (or is there already something I can use)?

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Here is a screenshot of how my Dashboard looks like currently:

I didn’t find yet a plugin like that either. This could have other use-cases, think, you’ve got data from a vehicle or a machine, and you’d just like to have video from dashcam hairpin-synced to know exactly what happened.

This probably wouldn’t be that difficult to solve, given there are some video plugins that exist already (but with no syncing capabilities). I’m wondering, is there some commonly used format for emedding metadata (like current timestamp) into the video? Is there a standard for dashcams that include speed, geolocation somewhere in the movie container’s metadata, or they just plain embed it in the picture?

Exactly… A car in my case.

Could you name some? Currently I have nothing?

Verly likely it needs to be a list of images. Is there a way to dynamically load rest data by hairpin position?

One of the community users implemented a similar use case with Apache ECharts, using the Hover event handler to update dashboard variables. Then he displayed images from his API Server using Dynamic Text or Base64 Image/Video panels.

We have a feature request to add crosshair events to Dynamic Text, which you can use to display image/video HTML objects, and JavaScript to fetch/update data if required. When it’s implemented, you should be able to use synced hairpin.

Any link or something I can search for to find it? Is there any more detailed explanation about this?

Means for now this is technically not possible to implement?