Variables in dashboard is showing only the last value


I tried adding variables to dashboard. The query i use returns only the last entry, instead of all the entries for that field.
This is the query:

{"find" : "terms","field":"fmVer"}.

This always returns the last fmVer in the db. Not all the versions. Am I missing anything in the query? How to get all the fm Version list.


The query looks correct as far as I can see.

From the docs:

Query will user current dashboard time range as time range for query.

So if you just choose a larger time range, do you get more values?


I tried larger time range as well. Still it shows only the last entry.


Are you sure that there are more entries? If you do a normal query, do you see more values for the fmVer field in your chosen time range?


Yes. There are more values in elasticDB. I use another variable fmBuild which has the following query.
{“find” : “terms”, “field”:“fmBuild”, “query”:“fmVer:$fmVer”}
There too i have more fmBuild value per fmVer. But I see only last value of fmBuild.


Can you check what the query looks like on the network tab in Chrome devtools:

What does the request payload look like for you?

The example above is from our play site:


Sorry for the delay in response as I was out of station. From the time filter it is using, it seems to take only last 6 hours data. I dont see anywhere this time range is mentioned.

Here is the payload of request



I figured out the problem. My Variable setting has refresh set to “Never”. So i guess it didnt consider changes in the time range. After I changed the refresh setting to “On time range change” I can see multiple values for the variable.