Variables Dropdown Display Bug?

I have a dashboard that shows various warehouse stats. I have a Variable called $Warehouse, type custom, with Custom Options “01,02”. I also have the Multi-value selected.

When I browse to the dashboard it shows me warehouse 02 as the default. I am not sure why it defaults to that one maybe there should be a default selection if none is specified, but that is not my problem. The problem is when you click on the down arrow it shows the 01 option checked (which is not the warehouse that is currently being shown). If I uncheck the 01 box and recheck it again it will then update the dashboard with the 01 information. So I can get the data I need, but there seems to be a bug as to what is shows after first navigating to the page and then clicking on the variable drop down. It also is confusing to end users since when the click on the variable they think they are already looking at the 01 warehouse information, due to the fact the checkbox is showing as such. I hope that has made sense. If not I can do a little video to show what is going on.

Are you running v6.6.1 ?

On 6.6.1 I’ve not noticed your specific issue but I am getting problems with dashboards that pass variables through via a link to another dashboard. Sometimes it works, sometimes it displays the wrong variable and sometimes not at all. It also seems to get into some sort of loop with the dashboard constantly refreshing the variable