Variable selection based on last time selected variables (using cookie?)


I am new with Grafana. I have a use case where I have a panel to monitor servers. A user can choose the sever he want to see using a variable on the top of panel. Each user want only to see his own server. The problem ist that the selected server will not be selected anymore when the user get back again to the panel. The user has only viewer role, so he can’t save what he selected as server.

Is there any possibility to get the selected variables based on the variables the user has selected last time
(maybe using cookie)?

If the user has an editor role, he can save the selected variables for the future, but the problem is the selected variable is saved globally, that means other user will get also the same variables which might be confusing or annoying.

Thanks for the help.

No one knows about it? I though that this is a common use case where each user might want to have his own view of specific panel/dashboard