Value shown only up to GMT -5

I am in my first steps of using Grafana.
I built a first dashboard with a connection to my MariaDB database.
The database is the one from my home automation software (homeassistant).
All the value in the database are stamped with a UTC datetime so I add to build a view that convert the datetime to my timezone, then, my dashboard is linked to this view.

My dashboard display the value correctly in Grafana (the association datetime / value is good).
My problem is that the dashboard shownn is “up to current time” but the value shown is up to GMT-5.
So, in example, right now, if I display the dashboard and choose “Last 12 hours”.

  • I am getting a dashboard with a display from 20:00 to 8:00
  • I am getting displayed value only up to 03:00

Any clue ?