Validation After Creation

I’m doing a UI Browser testing to perform some steps, If its one or two users I can see manually whether its created or not, If Im running for many users while doing a Load Testing, how to verify whether its actually created or not? is there a way I can check and get it in report?

Hi @vasanthkumarmf2

Welcome to the community forum :wave: and apologies for the late reply on this topic.

Without more context, I would suggest doing something similar to the API CRUD example in the docs, but for the browser. If after the creation you can navigate to a page to check that it was created, do that. Maybe log in with the user you just created, or get a list of users and check that one is there. And you can check that part, so it appears in the results.

If there is no way to check this via browser, but there is via API, you might be able to use hybrid testing. For example, running the scenario after the browser one, to check all users were created.

That said, I would recommend reviewing your use case, since you will have more context that was share here. If what you are doing is load testing the user creation, I would recommend a hybrid approach. If it’s doable in your case (you can load test API endpoints): check the frontend with 1 or a few users, and load test the backend via API endpoints. See Load testing websites | Grafana k6 documentation and Hybrid approach to performance | Grafana k6 documentation.