V9 alerts converted but I have some questions


I wish the new version had the legacy and new rules to view.

I have upgraded from v8.5.6 to v9.0.1 and the new alerts are so confusing. I have a couple of questions.

It seems the new alerts use the ‘rule_uid’ and value to send to an email address, where do I get the ‘rule_uid’ value from? Can I not use the label with something like rule name or something more simple?

The email I get is now a bit of a mess too, I get too much info:

Before I’d get this nice neat email:

Now I get this where the value is a mess and merged in with the var= instance of a mess:

How can we get the email to show cleanly again?

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There’s a post I replied to here that has some tips for cleaning these up. The example is for slack, but you can use the message template in email as well.