Using wildcards on domain name when doing private plugin signing


The functionality about using wildcards for the domain when signing a plugin seems to be added in this pull request: Plugins: Add signature wildcard globbing for dedicated private plugin type by wbrowne · Pull Request #52163 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

It looks like it is expecting to use a “private-glob” type when signing the plugin. But when using the signing tool, I always get an error no matter what I use:

npx @grafana/toolkit plugin:sign --rootUrls https://\* --signatureType private-glob
  Building manifest...
  Signing manifest...
  Error: Error signing manifest: Root Url is not permitted: https://*

(I am hiding the real domain).

Could you please help me with the parameters for the signing tool to use this new feature?


Hi there,

this feature is not GA. More details: Support wildcards when signing plugins · Issue #50652 · grafana/grafana · GitHub