Using Transforms of series with different names in Repeating panels


I am using the Repeating Panels option with AppDynamics datasource. I want to calculate the mean for only certain fields, using Transform (Reduce Row) on each each panel with different field names in the panels (totally about 50 panels).

While I can use one Transform for each panel, I want to hide the other 49 mean value alias names in legends and the tool tip. I guess if I could hide null values it would work, since the other mean aliases would have null values. Is there a feature for this?

Is there a way to do this without a Transform for each panel? Could we use Regex for field names in Transform (Reduce Row) mode?

Found the feature to hide null values. Now I just need to know if I can use Regex for field names in Transform, so that I don’t have to have a Transform Rule for each panel.