Using __panelId__ in notification template

Hi, In my alert data I see panelId and other internal fields, but I don’t seem to be able to use them in an alert template.

{{ .Annotations.my_description_field }}

works fine but

{{ .Annotations.panelId }}

Reports nothing. even though it’s been configured in the alert config, and is visible in the JSON data.

annotations and labels that start with double underscore __ - are system-owned, and used by Grafana for internal purposes (in this case to create screenshots of the panel during the processing of notification). All such annotations and labels are removed when an alert notification is sent. I do not recommend you to rely upon them.

It makes sense that it’s not there, other than the fact if I print all the fields inside a template, they ARE still there? How can they disappear between printing annotations and referencing one directly? Seems a real shame these are defined as private one way or another.