Using oAuth with Azure AD causes user account logins to keep resetting to email addresses. Is there a way to stop that and still use oAuth?

For example, I go into Users as a Server Admin, and there’s a column for Login.

I understand why this would be the email, but at the same time, since oAuth’s login is the email, I don’t see why the Login would keep switching back.

I want the logs showing who edited what to show their name rather than their email, but because this happens, only their email shows up.

This may be the intended effect, but is there some way to either stop the resetting of Logins or use something else for logging of changes?

It doesn’t make sense to keep user name/surname in logs, because they may not be a unique. But login ID (email in your case) is better, because it is unique usually.

Collect and process logs on your own. You can translate login ID to name&surname with graph API in your own processing. E.g.$filter=mailNickname eq '<USER_LOGIN_ID>'

Or you can use Grafana API /api/users.

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