Using Grafana for a scalable sensor network

Hey there,

I am currently developing a solution that collects air quality data from multiple sensor nodes and stores them into a data base. It is not a fixed installtion and will move frequently. The amount of sensors/ reading frequency / installation time will change from installation to installation.

I am looking for a way to visualize my sensor data in an understandable way. Grafana looks like the way to go so far. The question is though:

Am I able to easily setup/customize Grafana each time I reinstall the sensors?

  • Number of Sensors
  • Update Frequency
  • etc.

It will run on a Rasberry pi with influxDB and I am looking for some kind of script that I can run to initialize the settings. As I am doing all that for a university project, take into account that I am no professional developer, so please excuse me if that all is a dump question.

I would appreciate any kind of answer!

best regards,


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Yes? Not sure what your asking. Grafana installs are very quick and easy.