Using filesystem for Loki

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There is a section in grafana docs(Filesystem | Grafana Loki documentation) describing that “However using shared filesystems is likely going to be a bad experience with Loki just as it is for almost every other application”. Then two questions are coming to my mind:

  1. Could you please clarify what is the exact “bad experience” as I use manila as filesystem and everything looks fine from my side.
  2. As I mentioned above that manila is used for my system. Is there any bugs or issues to use manila for Loki? I’m considering to GA with manila so I’m a bit worried about the feasibility.
    Thanks ahead.


I think the keyword is shared. There could be resource contentions when that file system is shared with other applications that do not play nixe with sharing

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Hi yosiasz,

Thanks for your prompt response. Which means the “bad experience” is due to the shared filesystem itself instead of Loki. Correct?

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