User base for Grafana

Curious…how big a user base does Grafana currently have? I guess it is tricky to quantify based on non-Grafanacloud uses, unless you can count a download figure?

What about Grafana Cloud usage, is that a figure accessible by the public?

Being an open source project we don’t have a lot of stats but Grafana has a call home feature (once a day) that sends some basic, anonymous stats. Lots of people turn it off though and it won’t work if the Grafana instance is installed behind a company firewall. GrafanaCloud stats are included in these stats.

Grafana has seen huge growth during the last year and there are > 120000 Grafana instances running and > 1.2 million users. We think that those numbers might actually be 20 - 30% higher but we don’t know for sure.

Our stats dashboards are available on the play site:

Awesome. Thank you, as always.