Use Wildcard in Constant Variable

Hi, I try to use a wildcard in Constant Variable as Definition:

Name: pvp
Type: Constant
Value: *

When using the Variable in panel query:

The * will be escaper to \\* and the query gives no result:

I already tried to turn off escaping with ${pvp:raw}

Do anyone know the answer for this problem?

I found meanwhile an solution here
I am useing now ${pvp:distributed}

Even though that work you should probably use ${pvp:raw} instead since distributed is an existing variable substitution.

Thank you for you reply Mr. Efraimsson,

you are right, I shouldn’t use ${pvp:distributed}. There might be side effects I can not grasp.
After your advice I tried again :raw and now everything is working fine.
I do not know, why it has not worked first time i tried.