Use tests with bigints(0n)

Hello. One of the libs I import uses “0n” under the hood. Has anyone found any workarounds to transform it to es5 version?

Hi @truecarry, welcome to the community forum! And sorry for the really slow reply, I did write most of this and then did not publish it :man_facepalming:

The solution at this point is to use babel to transpile the code down to something k6 can run - that at this point can be es6 instead of es5.

As this is a bit involved on the configuration side, we have a template repository where this exact thing is done with dependancies “automatically” when you run the commands which are outlined.

This does require you understanding some npm fu to change. And without a concrete example on your side I can not give you a concrete fix.

Hope this helps you and sorry for the really slow reply!

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