Use loki for log archiving

We use loki to ingest and query logs from different AWS services.

Loki is installed using helm chart 3.8.0.

Setting -store.max-look-back-period=168h limits loki search to 7days but there is no way to query old logs (using athena for example).

We would like to use Loki to search logs up to 7 days and after that it would not be searchable but still available at a slower speed for auditing.

We have loki on EKS using s3 storage.

Ideally, we would have this lifecycle of a log
Hot and searchable in grafana for 7d. Stored in S3 standard storage. After 7days it moves to Glacier and after 1y it gets deleted from S3.

How can we use Loki to achieve this? Files in S3 are optimised and not human readable.