Use field value of perfdata field for graph

Hi all,
I just started testing, if I can use Grafana+Elastic for my Icinga2 Perfomance Data. And I have a question:
Every service has a field called check_result.perfdata..value e.g: check_result.perfdata.load1.value
check_result.perfdata.load15.value and so on.
I already added a variable, hostname, to get the right data.

But I am not sure, what I have to select in the metric part to get the exact value of the perfdata field (Count, Average, Max, Min, and so on)
Could you give me a hint pls?

Furthermore, is there a way select more than one metrics at once, e.g. check_result.perfdata.load*.value to get load1,load5 and load15 with one step? Or better, when my query is “host:$hostname AND service:$servicename” get all values for “check_result.perfdata.*” fields?

thanks in advance

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Nobody wiiled to answer?

One more question:
How to fill the empty parts between data points? There is no fill like in influx

Hi Marcus,

Were you able to identify the solution for this problem?