Urgent: How to get tabular data in Grafana across a time range

Hello Guys,
I have been doing my analysis in Excel but for that I need to extract data from Grafana. I want the data in tabular form across a time range. I did the time range: from 6th June-4th August, 2021 in the upper right hand corner but unfortunately all the rows in the table are just the ones recorded on 4th August. I do not know how to fix it further.

I would really appreciate if someone could guide me on this.

Hi @bieintern ,

Please follow the steps:

  1. Click on the title for context menu
  2. Choose “Inspect → Data”
  3. Click on Data options
  4. Select Download for Excel
  5. Press “Download CSV” button



Click on the panel title

Hello @svishnyakov ,
Thanks for replying!
Actually I have already done that and it still showed records for the same date:4th August.

I am still stuck, not sure where I went wrong.

Please help.

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