Upgrading Grafana ver 6 to 9.2.3

New to grafana, seeing error html/template: pattern matches no files: /usr/share/grafana/public/emails/*.txt. How to generate the *.txt file? I have html files like alert_notification, welcome_on_signup.html, new_user_invite.html etc.

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grafana-9.2.3 on linux, I am seeing this error
Failed to start grafana. error: html/template: pattern matches no files: /usr/share/grafana/public/emails/*.txt
html/template: pattern matches no files: /usr/share/grafana/public/emails/*.txt
My pod is not starting because of the above message. I do not have anything to generate emails/*.txt. I am not sure how to generator *.txt. Thanks for help.

what version of grafana are you upgrading from and did you have alerts in the older version?

The older version is 6.6.0 and I am upgrading to 9.2.3. I have emails folder with alert_notification.html in my 6.6.0 version.

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However the error is on emails/*.txt which I am not sure how to get txt file.

Version 6.6.0 is really old and not supported any more for any bug fixes.

However, someone might be volunteering and willing to try to reproduce it but for that, need to know how you created this folder alert_notifications.html and what sort of data you had in there (maybe attach it if possible).

2nd question will be as how exactly you installed the ver 6.6.0 (i.e. on which Linux distro and used any package manager e.g. yum or apt-get command OR used .rpm or .deb file to install Grafana?

Just for curiously as ver 9.2.3 failed in your case, did you try to update to ver 7 to see if that worked out for you?