Upgrade Grafana from 6.7.3 to LST

Hi Team , Good Morning !!!

I am bit new to Grafana and joined a new company , we have Grafana 6.7.3 running and we decided to upgrade Grafana to LST.

have some question , if you can guide me or point me , that will be great

  1. What is current LST??
  2. What is the upgradation Path : can i go to direct LST from 6.7.3??
  3. In case any issue can i rollback?
  4. How much downtime will there be?
  5. Is it backward compatible?
  6. Do other components need a major upgrade?
  7. What backups to be taken ??

To Give more info , we use postgresql db and install using docker compose .

Also please point to the documentation , thanks

Any pointers much appreciated ??

I’m not sure what it is you want to upgrade to (LST?) but I think
Upgrade Grafana | Grafana Labs should answer
most of your questions.