Upgrade Bootstrap version under public\vendor\bootstrap

in Grafana 6.2.1 i see the version of Bootstrap is very old v2.3.2. Is there a plan or way to upgrade it to bootstrap 4 or 3.4 atleast ?

Why you want update bootstrap?? Grafana has an error or something that does not work well in relation to bootstrap?

hi Daniel,

So i am trying to use ajax panel for rendering a custom UI to display a form with some html elements and a table . When i select a record in the table and click on “view details” button , want to show the details in a pop up using a modal dialog box. similar to the demo here …https://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_modal.asp
This modal dialog is not working with the bootstrap version included in Grafana and hence the question.

Hi Samant,

I don’t think it’s possible to update bootstrap, maybe you could try to isolate it, something like this https://formden.com/blog/isolate-bootstrap might indicate the way.

I was wondering this bootstrap also for a quite some time… I wanted to create bit Textpanel / HTML, with tree bootstrap/scalable divs.
Trying to disable two smaller elements on the sides if XS screen. Did not work with Grafana 6.x

In old bootstrap 2.3.2 this was: class=“hidden-phone”…

Found this new html plugin which was released a month back guess this will work for the ask we have :slight_smile: I tried it ( big in file size take a while to install) but seems to do the work !

This approach works but since the article is old , it did not work with bootstrap 4.x , but found one more which works well… https://github.com/cryptoapi/Isolate-Bootstrap-4.1-CSS-Themes on the same lines/concept.

Thanks Daniel.

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