Updating group interval deletes the alert rules

Hi all. Yesterday we upgraded to the latest version 9.1.4, and I’m now facing an issue that wasn’t there before. We are creating alerts and managing them all via the API. Previously, after creating alert rules, we were able to update the alert group interval times via this endpoint: PUT /api/v1/provisioning/folder/{FolderUID}/rule-groups/{Group}

The documentation mentions that only the interval is required:

However, after the upgrade to the latest version, doing the above will reset the rules back to null since it’s not provided in the request body. Is anyone else facing the same issue? and does anyone have a way of updating the group interval without it setting the rules to null?

I understand that I can provide the rules array in that same request body and it would keep it, but it is much more convenient to have it behave the way it did before, where I would only specify the interval and it would keep the rules as they are. If there is a way to achieve this, I would really appreciate your feedback/help.



It turns out that it was due to the new version we updated to. We rolled back to version 9.0.6 and updating the group interval had no effect on the existing alert rules, which I believe is the intended way?

If anyone can please clarify if the new changes are intended to work in that way (updating the group interval resets all the alert rules to null) or if this was a bug? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.