Untitled box/button in new Grafan 10.x


I have recently upgraded to Grafana 10.x and noticed a new box/button that appears when you hover over a panel

If the panel does not have a title the box says ‘Untitled’. This is distracting and confusing for some of my users(read only accounts). I know this does not happen with Public Dashboards but they do no support template variables which almost all my dashboards use(please please add this). Is there anyway to disable this for Read-Only users or…? All ideas welcome!


Hi @sethlinn,

Thanks for opening this post.

I see what you mean and this due to the new design changes in the Grafana version 10.

I will try to get some feedback on this from the team.

In the meantime a workaround to not show “Untitled” is to just a spacebar character in there and then it will not appear.

I have created this GitHub issue:

Please subscribe to it to remain up-to-date

Hey there, we just merged a PR that will removed the “Untitled” when a panel doesn’t have a title. You can check the PR here. It’ll be available in the next release. Thanks for bringing this up!