Unnamed columns in my CSV

Hello, I used the CSV plugin to visualize my data in .CSV but when I look at the columns, one of them is “Unnamed: 1959”.


Does it mean there are more columns but Grafana can’t display them ?

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welcome @delonung !

You might want to check the settings of how you’re importing/reading the CSV. I recall there’s a setting there on yes/no whether to read headers from the file. The situation you’re describing would occur if either there are no headers in the file, or you’ve not selected the option to read the headers. In such cases, often the header row gets treated as a row of data and you can spot it because all of the columns have text header names in them.

Another place to check is in the transforms you’re using on the transform tab, to see if any changes to column names are going on.

I would also open the csv file in notepad++ and see if there are extra columns in the file