Unable to Trigger Email From Grafana

I have upgraded the Grafana version to 10.1.5.
When i tried to trigger the demo mail to test Email Alert config able to see below errors from Grafana.
I couldn’t find any Email trace from the application .

level=warn msg=“Request Origin is not authorized”
level=info msg=“Request Completed” method=GET path=/api/live/ws status=403 remote_addr=100.200.300 time_ms=12 duration=12.3452ms size=10 referer= handler=/api/live/ws
logger=ngalert.sender.router rule_uid=dac93d8-f00-4e1-ac7-cf45dd15d org_id=1 t=2024-01-02T14:31:08.026762+01:00 level=info msg=“Sending alerts to local notifier” count=1
logger=infra.usagestats t=2024-01-02T14:31:15.9901348+01:00 level=info msg=“Usage stats are ready to report”

Please let me know , any solution on it. Any help would be appreciated.