Unable to get report data more than 12 hr


I’m unable to get report data more than 12hr. If I select last 24hr or yesterday data report or anything else more than 12 hour I’m getting No data show.
It give error Internal server error.

Can anyone help me to fix this though the data source available and less than 12 hr report I’m receiving.


What datasource are you using?
What is the query?
You are sure you are not using “Override relative time”

Data Sources]datasources) / Zabbix_DB
Type: Zabbix

Unable to get the report data for 24hr or 1 day or 1 week.
The only data I get for 12 hr and that i can select any date and can get 12 hr data but not more than than even If i customize for 14 hr.

Yes - Override relation time not been use.

Please assist how Can i fix this issue.


Can anyone help me to fix my issue???