Unable to access Grafana from another ¿domain? ¿vlan?

Hi everyone,

We have a Grafana enviroment installed on a Ubuntu Server, and it is about to deploy, but we are experimenting a small issue.

There are two separate VLANs, 152 and 150. Each computer at Vlan 152 is on a domain “production”, and every VLAN 150 is on a domain “Office”.
Well, Grafana server is on 152 VLAN, and works fine from the same VLAN, login page, dashboards… Even I can ping Grafana computer from VLAN 150 but here is the problem:
-Computers from VLAN 150 can not access Grafana´s login page.
The ip is:

This site can’t be reached

**** took too long to respond.

I can manage the switch to change a computer from VLAN 150 to a 152 (without changing the domain), and get a 152 IP… Magic. I can use Grafana, so I think there is no problem with being part of another domain. But when I change VLAN 152 to VLAN150 again (because it is the VLAN that computer belongs to), again Grafana with no access. So I don´t understant why, unless an Firewall rule from Ubuntu Server or Grafana config.

I can not access any config at “Office” domain. We already have an Ubuntu Server from 152 VLAN accessible. These computers are not configured by the same person, so It could be an obvious problem, don´t discard it.

Also, I can not ping by name from the Office Computers to Prodution computers, but I think that is because they don´t share domain, forest and they are not related.

Thank you!