Two PromQL queries while excluding value

Following situation applies:

max(hrStorageDescr{instance="$Device"}) by (hrStorageIndex,hrStorageDescr)


100 / (max(hrStorageSize{instance="$Device"}) by (hrStorageIndex) / max(hrStorageUsed{instance="$Device"}) by (hrStorageIndex))

return hrStorageDescr label in the first column and hrStorageUsed value in the second column.

Desired result: hrStorageDescr label with hrStorageUsed value of 100 should be excluded from both columns.

If != 100 is added to the second query, desired result is received except there is still hrStorageDescr label visble in the first column, while value in the second column is displayed as - .

How to write these two queries in order to display hrStorageDescr label with appropriate value in two columns, while excuding labels && values of 100 from both columns?