Two newbie questions on deafult Line Fill and Dual Y-axis


I just discovered Grafana after using Graphite for years and it´s just amazing!

However there are two little thing I just cant figure out, so any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

  1. Is it possible to sett the default “Line Fill” option to zero for all graphs?
  2. Is it possible to have dual Y-axis, but with the same axis-scale? Would be great for comparing how fast something is accumulating compared to something else.


  1. Yes. Set it on Display -> Fill
  2. You can enable second Y axis. Not sure what you mean saying scale. But you can set the same scale or min-max values for both axes.

Hm, I cant find the “Display setting”… could you give me a hint? :sweat_smile:

Lets say i have 2 series of something growing, one with a value of 100 to 200, and the other one 1000 to 5000. If I just enable dual Y-axis, it will look as if they grow at the same rate (both lines will have about the same slope). I would like the second Y-axis (1000 to 5000) to set the stepping, and the other axis to mimic that. And I cant put them both on the same axis, because the scale is so different.