Two lines on chart with variable to change date range for data


I have a variable that I use to change the date range for the data (monthly sprint info).
One line is a reference line from 0 to the total number of sprint items we’re tracking.
The other line is the closed items by date.

The issue is when I select sprint 2019-03 data, the reference line green and the data line is orange-ish, when I select sprint 2019-05 they switch colors.

Is there a way to ensure the reference line is always orange-ish and the data line is always green?

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide,


Edit: I just realized the line that is green is the one with the earliest date and the other line is orange-ish. Any way to change this?

I fixed my own issue.

In my query I had the order by like this: Order By time, metric

I changed it to: Order By metric, time

I believe this helped by making one piece of data always be before the other piece of data and therefore the colors do not change.