Turning off Ad-Hoc Filters in tables


I’m using Grafana with a Prometheus data source - and I realise from the docs that Ad-Hoc filters are not supported for Prometheus.

However, my users have discovered that if they hover over a table row, they see a filter (filter for/filter out). This creates an ad-hoc filter.

My issue is that the ad-hoc filter seems to insert a label into every metric on the page e.g. {fruit=“banana”} even if the metric doesn’t have that label. The result being that I get lots of “no value” on the dashboard. This doesn’t seem intuitively correct, and that the filter should apply only to those metrics that contain that label.

So this may be because Prometheus ad-hoc queries are not supported, in which case, my real question…
How do I turn off the filter ‘buttons’ in the table?

Many thanks


Facing the same issue. Can’t find a way to disable the ad-hoc filters from the table widget
Do you @support guys have any update on how to deal with this issue?