Trying to import FieldValidationMessage from "@grafana/ui"

In my custom plugin I’m trying to import the FieldValidationMessage for displaying validation errors on inputs.
this method doesn’t work for me:
import { FieldValidationMessage } from “@grafana/ui”
this one does work:
import { FieldValidationMessage } from ‘…/…/…/…/…/…/…/…/…/packages/grafana-ui/src/components/Forms/FieldValidationMessage’

I don’t like calling a file outside of my plugin.
How can I import FieldValidationMessage from “@grafana/ui” ?

Hi, looks like FieldValidationMessage isn’t exported from @grafana/ui yet, so using import { FieldValidationMessage } from “@grafana/ui” isn’t possible.

I’m wondering what use case do you have for it, since FieldValidationMessage is mean to be used with the Field component to show form errors?

Thanks for your replay,
yes I’m using it as a form input validation field.

So is using the Field component with error props doesn’t cover your use case?

I’m not using the Field component.
Does it include the validation label ?

It has an error prop for the error message and invalid prop to indicate if the error should be shown:

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Thanks @alexkhomenko
I was using the input field.
Will try out, instead.

@alexkhomenko - I’m getting the error, Field is not an export member of grafana-ui.
my package.json is using:
@grafana/ui”: “next”

what is wrong here ?

Which grafana version are you running this in? Try deleting node_modules and yarn.lock in your plugin and running yarn install.