Trying to display tagged data as a single point, but multiple points are rendering due to additional tag data

First, I will show you a visualization of my problem. In this picture, you will see two data point types in the legend on the right of the graph. If you look at the points on my graph though, you will see that multiple points of the same legend type are stacked on top of each other vertically within a given time step in the chart.

The reason this is happening is because most of those points have additional tagging data that makes them different from the other points. In this case, it is because most points have a different endpoint tag value.

My question: how can I tell Grafana “Regardless of any other additional tag data, if the responseCode tag inside this measurement is 200, count it as part of the global ‘response code 200’ data point”?

I finally figured it out. The trick was to do a summation of the results with sum("value") and also to add GROUP BY time(1s). I couldn’t just use the standard GROUP BY time($interval) for the grouping because I needed more precision with the stat placement for it to relate to other graphs on my dashboard accurately.