Truncating percentage values from Elastic

(Im v new to Grafana - caveat)

Am hoping to make a table of filesystem “mount point” vs “(avg)space used percent” where the “used” column would be colored based on thresholds. I can get the values in place but the “used” column is showing 8-10 places on the right of the decimal (eg “12.45343345”). Ideally I’d like to just have 2 values (eg “12.45”).

Ive been trying to use “bucket script” to truncate the value to limited success. Historically the pattern is to multiply by 100, convert to int (truncate) and then divide by 100. This converts some of the values but leaves an odd mix of int and float. Is there a better (read “working”) way to accomplish this?


Have accomplished this by removing the bucket script and setting the column style to “Number” and “percent 0-100”.