Tracking and analyzing data from our wearable devices

I was using a Google, but I haven’t find anything on this topic.
Majority of us is using different wearable devices that are tracking our movement, hear rate, sleeping and so on. But I don’t have any analysis of it.
I was thinking if there is any way to connect to Data from Garmin as an example and get some analysis. Has anyone did something similar? I found Strava plugin. Anything else?

What dies Garmin offer as far as offline data storage options

Sorry, I don’t understand: does it offer anything useful or not?

The question was for you, the Garmin device owner, to answer:

What options does Garmin offer for storing data from the device offline (ie:
somewhere not on the device and not in some closed “Garmin cloud”?

Most people here are not familiar with Garmin devices, but many people here
are familiar with getting data from all sorts of storage systems into Grafana,
so if you can tell us where your Garmin device is capable of sending its data
to, we might be able to help you process it from there into Grafana.


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Aha ok, clear.
Information are stored in Garmin’s cloud service Garmin Connects. I was already searching a bit, and I have a feeling this platform is pretty closed.