Tracking an alert once raised

I’m looking at a bespoke webhook service for an alert to be sent to, and I’m not aware of any opportunities to give back to grafana a reference from the system I’m sending it on to. Is it possible to respond on my webhook call with some unique identifier that grafana will remain aware of for the duration of an alert which it will send for future firings and the resolved message?

Hi. No I’m afraid not. Your service will need to do the tracking instead. You can use the alert fingerprint to match alerts across successive webhooks.

Ah I have seen the fingerprint, but that seemed to be tricky when grouping comes into the equation as well. Sometimes I’ve therefore got multiple different fingerprints and sometimes not, as I understand it. Groupings don’t have make things vaguer in this area!

Grouping doesn’t change the fingerprint. Each alert has it’s own fingerprint, and depending on your notification policies, an alert can be in multiple groups at once. However, if it has the same fingerprint then it is the same alert.

No it doesn’t, but it creates a single firing with multiple alerts, so multiple fingerprints and then what? I don’t think this is any more of an issue than any other aspect of grouping though, just hard to know how to treat them, especially when I’m raising a persistent support ticket per fired alert, be it a single or a group. I think in my case I need to find my own combination of values to be a “primary key” of sorts.

If you are creating one support ticket per alert, then you will have a 1:1 relationship between fingerprint and support ticket. You can store this in a database or a file on disk.

If you are creating one support ticket per group, then you will have a many:1 relationship between fingerprints and support tickets, so you’ll want to use the common labels for the group instead.