Tool for debugging your plugin with accelerometer


Our team develops plugins for Grafana and we noticed that you often need some time series data to test your plugins.
I propose to use Accelerometer2Influx app which sends data from your phone accelerometer directly to InfluxDB. Now you can simulate signals by shaking hand.

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Thanks for sharing.

The Grafana TestData data source is very convenient for this use case.

Also, we have a lot of test data for different data sources using docker-compose in grafana repo together with


Hey @mefraimsson

Is there anything else except csv and random walk?

  • With accelerometer you can generate signal a bit more precise than pure random (and it regenerates of each request, so you can`t see graph “moving” to the left)
  • With csv it’s a bit hard to maintain big datasets and no ability to generate real time data

I guess it depends on what you actually want to test. With the randow walk you always get data even if you’re zooming out/in.