Too many levels of symbolic links error while setting up grafana

I have previously installed grafana on windows using docker but this time I wanted to try and use it on a Linux server on Azure. I created a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 VM and followed the steps in this tutorial

I followed all the steps to the point except
echo ‘deb jessie main’ > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/grafana.list

which I am guessing is not important as I was able to download and install the packages anyway.
The problem arises when I try to execute
sudo systemctl enable grafana-server

It gives me the output:
Failed to execute operation: Too many levels of symbolic links

What could be the reason for this? This is a fresh VM with these being the only commands I have executed on this VM.

While I do not know why I was getting this error, I managed to follow the same steps and install it on Ubuntu 17.10. Maybe this is worth looking into as a bug? Perhaps it only happens with Azure? But anyway, everything is up and running and I’m excited to be working with Grafana!