Toggle labels in the list view like parsed fields

Take a look at this PR. With this feature, you can toggle only specific fields to show instead of everything.

I wonder if it’s possible to do the same for labels (that are listed prior to parsed fields)? The thing is that I have a custom log format, so I usually have this kind of query:

{job="job"} | pattern `<_> [<_>] [<_><trace_id>,<span_id>] <_> [<thread>] <_> <logger_name> - <message> |~ "(?i)text"

In this case, Grafana can’t see the fields by itself and doesn’t add them to the parsed fields list. However, I have them in the “labels” section. Currently, I need to manually add smth like | line_format "{{.message}}" to select only the “message” fields.

On the other hand, I’m ok if it’s somehow possible to enhance the parsed field list and toggle them there.

Labels aren’t part of the loglines, so if you wish to add a label to the logline indeed using line_format is probably the best approach.