Timezone issue: display Mariadb epoch value in grafana table panel, adjusted for local browser timezone

I have a MariaDB table that storage epoch values. I am trying to display in Grafana.

I use the from_unixtime(epoch) function to convert to a datetime string. When the data is displayed in Grafana, it’s displayed as UTC, even though the Grafana preference is set for local time (PST)

My desire is to present the epoch time as a datetime string, adjusted for the user preference for the preference of browser timezone.

@yosiasz can you please check this one :slight_smile:

Welcome @sedl

Please provide sample data via DDL & DML

create table sample(epoch datatype?, metric vrahcr(100), value decimal(10,3))

insert into sample
select 4958948594854, 'temp', 33.3

Using syntax appropriate to mariadb. This helps us vet your question on our local instance of MariaDB since we do not have access to your MariaDb

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