Timestamps with a slighty odd elasticsearch layout

Hi all.

Just started looking at Grafana as I think its looks superb - thought I would put together a dashboard for an elasticsearch cluster I look after.

The layout of the ES doc is slightly odd, the layout being a little like:

“_source”: {
“meta”: {
“category”: “category_here”,
“incoming_date”: “2017-11-07”,
“content”: {
“doc”: “random stuff in here”

When I tell grafana that the datefield is meta.incoming_date when I set up the datasource, hit test, I get the red error info panel but no text in it to explain whats wrong.

the meta.incoming_date is specified in the mappings as:

“incoming_date” : {
“type” : “date”,
“format” : “yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss||yyyy-MM-dd||epoch_millis”

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance and apologies if I have overlooked something daft - starting to go glassy eyed after an hour or so of trying different things.

Ok - was an error on my part (I think). I go via a load balancer so after swapping the datasource to proxy and ignore cert errors (another thing I need to look at - its got a LE cert on it!) its seems to have worked!