Timestamp of datapoint which triggers alert


Is it possible to pull the timestamp of the datapoint which triggers an alert and include this in the alert template? Using {{ StartsAt }} seems to use the time at which the alert is identified and started (as opposed to the timestamp of the datapoint which triggers the alert). We have 30 minute data using timestamps contained in our dataset. Ideally I’d like the StartsAt to report eg 1/9/2023 11:30. However using StartsAt I get a timestamp of 1/9/23 11:32:30 or similar.

Latest Grafana, Influx 1.8 database using InfluxQL.



Hi! No this is not possible because a lot of the time it doesn’t make sense. Consider the following example:

avg(rate(my_metric[5m])) > 0

How do you identify which data point caused the average rate to exceed zero? It could even be multiple data points, depending on how frequently the rule is evaluated too.